He is back.

3XK is back and in this black car. He will be the villain in season 7 since Bracken isn’t in the game anymore.

  • Castle 5x05 Probable cause. dialogue between 3XK and Castle.

3XK :”…Four years, Castle. I gave up four years Of my life planning the perfect vanishing act. So that the cops would stop looking for me, so that I could begin again, could begin killing again. So that I could taste that fear… Again. You ruined it.

Castle : Well, if it’s revenge you wanted, Why not just kill me?

3XK : Where’s the fun in that? Oh, no, no, it’s more fun to destroy you. Why do you think I let you live that night in the motel? People think it’s killing that I like . But murder’s just an act. It’s all about the anticipation, the planning. Watching you and your daughter taking a walk, you and Beckett making love…Standing in your living room, being inside your life. Knowing that I’m gonna take it all away from you… That’s what I like.

So, 3XK you did it pretty well this time but the battle is not over… S7 in your face will see you soon.

Stana Katic + sub - spoilering on Twitter    inspired by (x)

connect the dots   And the dots… with the candies.

Castle : If Jason Marks is the conduit between Vulcan’s drug money and senator Bracken’s presidential campaign, why would they kill him?

Beckett : Something’s changed. Maybe Bracken’s firewalling himself again…erasing all of the dots before they connect back to him.

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